Thursday, April 15, 2010

Heel and oh sh%*!!!!

In a nutshell my heel & toe skills suck. There I’ve said it. Sure, if “Driving Miss Daisy” speeds counted for anything, then yes, I can heal and toe with the best of them but as the speeds increase my skills decrease. It doesn’t help that I’ve been driving a lumbering Land Rover for the past seven years, numbing me to the subtleties of high performance driving. To rectify this situation I have focused on the driver and the car. First for the car I have purchased a more “driver friendly” JDM 380Z RS accelerator pedal.

The 05 Base Z has tiny pedals and the postage-stamp sized accelerator pedal is not making life any easier so a change was needed. I’ve heard good things so I’ll see if it makes an improvement.

The second part to making me the next Ayerton Senna, wink-wink, nudge-nudge is the book Secrets Of Solo Racing by Henry A. Watts. My friend Chris loaned me this book and he has a number of years of SCCA SOLO II racing experience and swears by it. So far the book has been a quick read with clear cut directions on all aspects of driving fast; correct lines, apexes and yes heel & toe.

So the last and final step is to put the above in practice. I’ll update the results and here’s to not missing a shift and ruining a perfectly good motor!

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  1. That pedal look great! I hope that book does you some good too.